Do you love the earth?

Hell yes! We use recycled and sustainable materials to pack all orders, such as cardboard boxes and environmentally friendly paper to keep your orders safe.

The colour of my crystal is slightly different to the photo?

Due to the natural formation of these crystals, crystals may vary slightly in appearance depending on light.

Where do my crystals come from?

All crystals and items from Clarity + Co Crystals are ethically sourced and hand selected direct from Australian wholesalers or local Artists. Though many of our crystals originate from around the world, we choose to support Australian business’ when selecting your crystals. Now that’s good energy and karma!

How do I care for these precious crystals?

All crystals require a different level of care. Some crystals are more precious than others, meaning crystals like Selenite, Satin Spa and Pink Halite should not be exposed to water. To clean, lightly dust these crystals, to cleanse use Sage or Palo Santo and leave under a full moon. Harder crystals such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Agates can be rinsed in water. Please feel free to message us directly for advice on caring for your crystals. 

Will my crystals come cleansed?

All crystals are cleansed prior to going to their new home. However, we recommend cleansing your crystals with Sage and Palo Santo regularly.

Small particles of crystal have broken away in transit, is this normal?

Over time or during transit small particles from the crystal may break away. This is a normal part of handling natural formations.

I live so close can I pick up my order?

We understand we started as a local business, so we want to keep that vibe! We don’t do pick-ups, however, local delivery is $5 for orders over $50 or FREE for orders over $150. Please see shipping policy for more info. 

My crystal is chipped or a bit broke off?

These are natural creations, within reason some crystals can come slightly chipped or debris may come off during transit. 

Do you do lay-by?

Yes we do! See lay-by policy for more information.

Can I return my order? 

We want all of our customers to be happy with their purchase,however, we do not offer change of mind refund or exchanges. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, please email clarityandcocrystals@gmail.com. See returns policy for more info.