What sets us apart

Why are our crystals so high vibing?

Not only is each crystal hand selected and ethically sourced, the creator Tara, is an Energy Healer and cleanses and blesses each crystal that goes out.

Customer Love

“I cannot recommend Clarity and Co Crystals enough! I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to crystals and natural healing and Tara guided me through multiple purchases with such patience and understanding. She even hand delivered the crystals to my door and each came with description cards. All the crystals I received were so beautiful, high quality and reasonably priced. I won’t go anywhere else - Bronte”

Reiki + Sound Healing

Reiki is a holistic healing practice, it allows divine universal energy to flow through every cell of the body, relaxing, aligning, cleansing, creating that sense of calm, that sense of weightlessness, giving the body, mind and soul the energy and support it needs to rebalance in order to inspire self healing.

To truly heal we need to nourish the mind, body and soul and take it out of flight-or-fight response; a state our body’s so naturally go into during stressful situations, daily chaos, grief, work, traumas and life changes. These factors can often be a trigger for many negative effects on our mind, body and soul. Everything is energy, after an energy healing session you will feel lighter and a sense of calm.

How does Reiki work? Universal energy is passed through the practitioner to the client through the practitioners hands. The energy will flow through the client’s body cleansing and removing energetic blockages, paying attention to areas that require balance and inspiration to heal.

During my sessions, I use other modalities such as sound healing, crystal healing and smoke cleansing.

Please head to our Instagram for more info and reviews or to book your next appointment, email clarityandcocrystals@gmail.com ~ distance appointments available.

*Reiki should not replace the work of medical practitioners however, it can work to support other treatments.

Sending love + light, Tara ˚☽