Our story

Who are we?

I am Tara, an energy healer and the creator and soul behind Clarity + Co Crystals. Clarity + Co Crystals was a long time coming. As a child I grew up in a small coastal town surrounded by water and nature, my late Father was a Surfer and my Mother studied Naturopathy and Aromatherapy. My family and I found peace through nature and crystals in the midst of life’s chaos. As life went on, we as a family experienced many tragic heartaches, bringing us back to finding that peace and clarity that we all desired. It seems finding peace through crystals was instilled in me from very early on. 

Fast forward 15 years and I found myself searching for that peace and clarity through crystals once again. I knew then and there that I had to share these beautiful and powerful creations with the rest of the Australia. This is when Clarity + Co Crystals was born, not long after I was called to my soul purpose an a energy healer, helping and guiding others through my own experiences and qualifications.

The purpose of Clarity + Co is to bring you high quality, intuitively chosen crystals that have been hand selected just for you and to share Holistic Healing practices that have helped me and many others through life. Whether you use your crystals to create a beautiful space, energy healing, for love, guidance or even just as home décor, we are all for it!! We love helping our beautiful customers and sharing our knowledge of crystals and the energy they hold. So please, if you have any questions, ask away!

Though our story goes so much deeper, I could not put into words the heartache, losses, anxiety and health challenges I have experienced over the past few years and how these beautiful creations of Mother Earth have helped and guided me through so much of it, once again.

For now, we choose to keep this part light and fluffy and fill your mind, body, soul and home with some high vibrational and beautiful crystals.

What sets us apart?

Clarity + Co Crystals believes in bringing you the most beautiful pieces that have been ethically sourced from within Australia and around the world. We believe in supporting our local Australian crystal suppliers as well as small family minors around the world.

When choosing your crystals with us, you can gain comfort knowing your supporting Australian families as well as families around the world, within the same transaction - how’s that for beautiful energy and good karma!

But it gets even better... As well as being a small ethically run business, the creator and soul behind Clarity + Co Crystals; Tara comes from a family of holistic healers and is a light worker herself. Tara’s passion lays within supporting women through Spiritual Practices, Reiki Healing, Crystals and Sound Healing.

Before leaving us, all of our crystals are cleansed and blessed especially for you by the creator and soul, Tara. If your crystals are being used for anything in particular, please do leave us a note. We’ll include this in our cleansing ritual before your crystals make their way to you.

Sending love + light, Tara ˚☽